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HEX CNC is an innovative, forward thinking product development company with a distinctive flare for precision perfection. Our one-stop service from idea to product production is flawless in every way. In house research and development coupled with access to an array of CNC Machinery means that projects are focused, efficient and delivered in a superior manner. Perfection of our projects is determined by our clients whether it be affordability, feasibility, specifications, production viability or a complete product placement.

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Product Development

Ever drawn a product design on a napkin, post-it note or Scribble pad?
HEX CNC product developers take those drawings and make them reality.
Taking your ideas, our dynamic product developers will bring your projects to the next
level and as far as you want them to go, and at HEX CNC you choose how far you want us to take your project.

Design Plans

Material Specification

Manufacturing Cost Evaluation

3D Printed Prototyping

Full-blown Prototypes

Test Rigs

Product Testing

Product Website

Initial Product Runs

Machining Service

HEX CNC is home to a variety of CNC machines. This ensures that with one machine or another
you are guaranteed to receive the perfect machined or printed part every time.
We offer very competitive prices on any size order and guarantee grade A parts every time.
Some of the machines include:

Laser Cutting

Plasma Cutting

CNC Lathe Turning

3 Axis Machining

4 Axis Machining

5 Axis Machining

EDM Machining

3D Printing

Laser Sintering


HEX CNC can also offer a metrology service for more demanding jobs.
Services include:

  • ISIR Report
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Part to CAD Deviation

Technology Club

HEX CNC Technology Club

HEX CNC is dedicated to introducing young people to the
technology sector in a fun and advanced way.
We have been running a technology club with two modules - F1 in Schools & Robotics/Arduino The two modules have been very successful in encouraging students to look into
careers in engineering, product development and programming.

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